Re: MED: "Frankenstein fears after head transplant"

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Sun Apr 08 2001 - 20:36:46 MDT

> writes:
> << So start with a paralysed patient, such as Stephen Hawking...
>'s operation, leaves Hawking with
> even less movement and sensation then he currently has with his ALS
> afflcition? Not to mention even less quality of life. If we are talking
> genuine neuro-genin treatments, or neural prothesis, that is a completely
> different story! But that is not what the "head" doctor is proposing. Mitch

So lets find a paralysed patient with lung cancer and a burning
desire to live. Any quality of life is better than no life, assuming
the patient can voluntarily end it at will. This is a big world with
a lotta people. Motorcycles and drugs have given us a tragically
large supply of healthy young bodies with dead brains, and an
equally large supply of paralysed patients with a good brain
and a failing paralysed body. Why lose all of em? spike

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