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> Actually a theorem by Hawking and Penrose (Proc. Roy. Soc. Lon. A-314, 529)
> shows that, if general relativity is correct, there is a singularity at
> which all physical laws would break down. A singularity does not belong to
> the space-time because those physical laws would not hold in there.

OK, then the term space-time doesn't cover more generally inclusive
definitions of the cosmos. Thanks for pointing that out, and it's nice to
engage someone who's thought about these things before.

> So will the Beginning and the End be singularities?

Good question for a higher than human-competitive AI?
(Hurry up, Eliezer! We need that Friendly AI.)

> Are the Eternal Recurrence, or the Open Way, just a sort of philosophy?

Without direct experience, merely repeating the words, Eternal Recurrence
becomes just another philosophical perspective. Similarly, scuba diving
becomes a sort of philosophy to anyone who prefers not to jump into the water.


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