Re: H SPACE: "Scientists predict Moon base by 2007"

Date: Sun Apr 08 2001 - 16:02:18 MDT

J Corbally wrote:
> Sad thing is, in 10 years time people will complain about "whacky"
> Scientists "predicting" a moon base back in good old '01.

If we really want it, we can have tele- and automation operated
lunar factories in a decade (by 2011). You could do it on your own
if you're worth a few G$.
> In the meantime, what would be the pros and cons of a Lunar as opposed to a
> Martian base? Luna would be nearer, but wouldn't Martian gravity be
> better? Would we be in a situation of having to "justify" a Lunar base
> like needs to be done for ISS?

GAR. There's no point in sending people to Mars. There's little point
in sending people to the Moon either, but you at least can do it
with current technology, and have decent supplies and rescue infrastructure.

With Mars, you've got one terribly expensive one-short mission. For the
same resources you could establis a permanent bridgehead on the moon.

As to gravitation, 1/6 g plus vigorous training should contain
osteoporosis and provide guidance for the cytoskeleton.

Forget Mars. By the time you can go to Mars you wouldn't want to.

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