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Date: Sat Apr 07 2001 - 15:14:54 MDT

Michael Lorrey wrote:

[Tex Johnston anecdote snipped]
> Yeah, the problem is that he is excepting that one event from the bet.
> What would be nice is a statement from an airline pilot that they are
> done in training (not in a simulator).

No way in hell do they *deliberately* do loops in commercial airliners-
the risk/benefit ratio is just too damn poor. Their insurance companies
would go (pardon the pun) ballistic.

Loss of control accidents are practiced for, but loops and rolls aren't
part of the curriculum- see

As for inadvertent aerobatics in airliners, there is video of an Airbus
doing an uncommanded split-s over the suburbs of Paris about 1985 or
so... they got it into some odd software configuration that pushed them
into a pitchup that led to a stall in which they did a half roll. The
turkish national airline, I believe.

Also, a 727 flying in the northeast US around 1975 did a transonic
diving roll in which the crew lowered the gear in a last ditch effort to
slow down (destroying the gear doors in the process). They had a load
of cambodian refugees on board at the time and the cockpit voice
recorder was erased, and there is speculation that the flight crew tried
a barrel roll out of sheer high spirits and blew it.

Another interesting site:

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