Re: MED: "Frankenstein fears after head transplant"

Date: Sat Apr 07 2001 - 13:35:00 MDT

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<< So we need to find a paralysed person with a terminal disease
 to approach this Dr. Rose and ask if he would be kind enough
 to shoot her. Since she is paralysed and cannot raise the
 gun herself, and he wishes to defeat any chance she has at life,
 then surely he would be humane enough to go ahead and end
 her life. spike >>
The physician who proposed this operation/experiment has acknowledged that
the person who has their head moved to another body will experience permanent
paralysis. So what kind of life is this? He is not working on neural repair
or regeneration. He is not working on freezing and reviving people to health.

I suggest that just as in management, there is what I call, MBE management by
ego. The imperial notion and the love of control. Similarly, this surgery
that appears to offer little hope for anything. Its a kind of egoism, merely,


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