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>'Scientifically misleading'
>The arguments against head and brain transplants were outlined by Dr
>Rose, director of brain and behavioural research at the Open University.
>He said: "This is medical technology run completely mad and out of all
>proportion to what's needed.
>"It's entirely misleading to suggest that a head transplant or a brain
>transplant is actually really still connected in anything except in terms
>blood stream to the body to which it has been transplanted.

No shit. For a paralyzed person, it's the blood supply which is important.
He's getting from the new body exactly the functionality he had from the old
body, without the multiple organ failure.

>"It's not controlling or relating to that body in any other sort of way."

At least in what was quoted, I didn't see anything suggesting that this was

>He added: "It's scientifically misleading, technically irrelevant and
>scientifically irrelevant, and apart from anything else a grotesque breach
>of any ethical consideration."

"ethical consideration" has come to mean reasoning from an ivorty tower
about abstract non-issues while people die.

>"It's a mystification to call it either a head transplant or a brain
>"All you're doing is keeping a severed head alive in terms of the
>circulation from another animal. It's not connected in any nervous sense."
>The issue of who someone who had received a head transplant would "be" is
>extremely complicated, said Professor Rose.

He's wrong. It's pretty clear that it's a body transplant. Although, if you
ask around, you'll be surprised about how many people would disagree. Ask
"If someone put a new brain into your head, would you be getting a new
brain, or would that brain be getting a new body?", a lot of people will
think it's the first.

>"Your person is largely embodied but not entirely in your brain".
>He added: "I cannot see any medical grounds for doing this. I cannot see
>that scientifically you would actually be able to regenerate the nerves
>which could produce that sort of control.

I forget the exact quote but someone asked Maxwell of what use his
experiments on electromagnetism was, and he said something like "Of what use
is a newborn baby?".

I wonder - did the reported who approached Dr. Stephen Rose lie to him about
what the experiment was about?

>"And I think that the experiments are the sort that are wholly unethical
>inappropriate for any possible reason."

We live in a world of stupid pigfuckers and I'm reminded of it more and more
every day...

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