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Date: Fri Apr 06 2001 - 14:19:10 MDT

I could donate some tracks... mp3s can be found here.


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> Hi all,
> I will soon be composing the theme (entitled "Shaping Things to Come") to
> the forthcoming Extro-5, and look quite forward to doing so. However,
> earlier today I had an idea which could include many Extropian musicians
> (and there is a growing number) in a related project.
> A while back, Aaron Davidson created an "Extropian Radio Station" on
> As far as I know, it still exists. However, I figure that we can
> go one step further and create a compilation cd of Extropian
> music for sale
> both at Extro-5 and The proceeds (which probably
> wouldn't be much)
> would go to Extropy Institute. So if anyone is interested in
> contributing a
> song or two to this project, please let me know privately.
> Specifically, if
> you have your music on, please send me the appropriate
> URL for your
> music as well as the chosen song (or two) for use on the cd. Alternately,
> if you have your music in non-Mp3 format, I have wav. and other conversion
> software.
> I look forward to hearing your response.
> Best,
> -E. Shaun Russell
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