Re: >H Re: TA-RAH! new Anders Sandberg triumph: cover art!

From: Anders Sandberg (
Date: Fri Apr 06 2001 - 08:35:50 MDT

torsdagen den 5 april 2001 18:05 skrev Natasha Vita-More:
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> Stunning! Contragulations on the entire piece and cover!

Thank you everyone! I'm proud of having made the cover of one of Damien's
books - it is going to be real fun to read it.

If I ever make a complete fool of myself as a neuroscientist here in Sweden,
I can always go to Australia as a cover art artist :-)

"Then there was the strange man in the rickety house on the peninsula. He
made money by rendering book covers and writing roleplaying games. The entire
building was filled with old computers running genetic algorithms and
cellular automata. Rumor had it that he was from Sweden, a neuroscientist
before the karmic revolution and the end of the reductionist paradigm. He
never answered any questions, just saying 'any day now, I will have the toe'
in his odd accent, trying to sell yet another grubby photorealist picture.
Nobody understood what he meant, or why he was building a particle

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