Re: Notes from the Bill Joy radio talk

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Thu Apr 05 2001 - 23:18:30 MDT

John Marlow wrote:

> I thought he had a frighteningly valid argument for the curtailment
> of First Amendment rights.
> > ---------------------------
> > How do you reconcile relinquishment with civic rights to innovation? He says 1st
> > amendment isn't important since many countries function ok without it. He really
> > doesn't have an answer to this...

Perhaps some of those who have been in the military will comment
on this. The way I understood the constitution, the Bill of Rights
cannot be abrogated, now or in the future, thus the name Rights.
Those who serve in the military take an oath to defend not the
government, but to defend the constitution. The way I read that,
should any future U.S. government attempt to repeal any of the
Bill of Rights, then that constitutes an attack on the constitution,
making that government invalid, so the military is obligated to
reestablish a government that is based on the constitution. The
government has not the authority to repeal the first amendment,
or the second, or any of the Bill of Rights. Right?

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