Re: ECON: "Unsustainable Predictions"

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Thu Apr 05 2001 - 21:36:57 MDT

> Mark Plus wrote: From:
> While in college during the early 1970s, many of my professors gave me a
> large dose of gloom and doom about the future...
> My high school chemistry teacher convinced me to purchase Paul Ehrlich’s
> 1968 "classic," The Population Bomb, because Ehrlich supposedly had a real
> handle on the future, depressing though it might be. (The first line of this
> book declared, "The battle to feed humanity is over." Worldwide famine,
> Ehrlich declared, had won.)...

I must give much credit to my professor for Engineering and the
Environment class from 1979. He was from India. He said

"The problem of overpopulation can be solved. In my country are
ten millions of starving children. America sends food. Pretty
soon you have twenty millions of starving children. But the real
problem is that in my country, after the sun goes down, there is
nothing to do! America needs to keep its grain, America needs
to send TVs!"

He had it right, even back in the 70s. spike

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