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Harvey Newstrom wrote:

> Eugene Leitl [] wrote,
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> > Well, that's the problem. It's almost like Microsoft wants its users
> > to be vulnerable.
> Almost. It's not that Microsoft wants its users to be vulnerable, but
> Microsoft does want these holes on users systems. This is because these are
> not bugs, they're features. Microsoft products actually use these features.
> Almost all Microsoft products will execute remote commands. The e-mail will
> run commands sent to it. The WordProcessor will execute commands in a
> document. The SpreadSheet will execute commands in a spreadsheet. And
> their browser will execute commands from a remote website. Fixing these
> holes actually breaks a lot of Microsoft features. Most of Microsofts
> automatic upgrade facilities, automatic web publishing facilities, automatic
> project updates between PC's, etc., use these remote commands to modify data
> on remote PCs. They don't want most users to patch these holes, because
> that would break a lot of functionality within their products.
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