Re: Cup processing & unpredictability (was Re: MEDIA: Natasha in Mean Magazine)

From: Emlyn (
Date: Thu Apr 05 2001 - 16:52:44 MDT

> Emlyn wrote,
> > I find that memory fragmentation and cup load are quite entangled...
> memory
> > fragmentation decreases with cup load, but then a full cup can
> > memory if you are not careful. Cup processor speed tends to increase as
> the
> > cup processor (that's me) decreases the cup load, in the hope of
> decreasing
> > memory fragmentation. This whole process speeds up if there is excessive
> > disk fragmentation, because cup processing accelerates whilst running
> > scandisk. This in turn can lead to excessive cup reloading, and eventual
> > refragmentation of memory even as cup processor speed increases.

Harvey replied:

> Your message is a great example of unpredictability. I don't think you
> really sent out a message talking extensively about cup load. I think
> spellchecker changed the word cpu to cup throughout. Even with a simple
> e-mail program, we can't really be sure that what one types is what gets
> sent.

Actually my message was completely about cup load - the message I was
responding to was about cpu load, but a spellchecker had "fixed" it to say
"cup load" throughout. Wasn't that original message attributed to you,

My message was supposed to be a joke, because I found the original message
about cup load kind of funny. Think about cups of coffee when you read it.
Damn, it can;t have been much of a joke if I have to explain it. D'oh.

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