Re: Dead Chickens: The Cluck Stops Here

From: John Marlow (
Date: Thu Apr 05 2001 - 14:33:37 MDT

The argument on the site is flawed; the chicken-loader realized it
was frozen, just didn't know it shouldn't be. A real birdbrain, I
guess. Either that or he was just too chickenshit to tangle with the
microwave. (Okay, I'm reaching here...) What do these chicken-
shooters get paid, anyway? I'll bet it ain't chickenfeed.


On 5 Apr 2001, at 12:28, Eugene Leitl wrote:

> On Wed, 4 Apr 2001, Spike Jones wrote:
> > I ha' me doots that anyone would be dumb enough to
> > put a frozen chicken in it. Furthermore, I suspect the frozen
> > bird wouldnt fit the barrel exactly. Assume urban legend. spike

John Marlow

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