Re: Animal Rights

From: Michael Lorrey (
Date: Thu Apr 05 2001 - 13:26:13 MDT

Oh, I don't know, Anders. Depends on whoever is leading the group. If
the leaders are ranters who are intolerant of dissent, then yeah, that
will happen. If the leader is open minded and you discuss your views
with them ahead of time to the point they 'get it', they will typically
come to your defense when you state your views to the group, and will
sometimes even slap down uppity droogs who think they are pleasing the
alpha male by jumping on the intruder.

Anders Sandberg wrote:
> torsdagen den 5 april 2001 01:05 skrev du:
> >
> > I have taken this opportunity to get to know the AR folks (some of which
> > are represented here: I just
> > talked to one of them, who is part of a hunger strike (120 hours for 120
> > cats). I am going to attend some of their meetings, though she warned me
> > that a university professor had been banished for "offending people." I
> > would also like to be a voice of reason in this debate.
> One problem is that a voice of reason might not be what they want. Many of
> the groups of this kind are more built on shared views, a sense of purpose
> and community rather than a rational idea. The more opposition, the better:
> then they will be forced to work hard together against the
> uncaring/evil/uneducated world, themselves experiencing terrific community.
> Logical arguments have little to do with this, they are better at swaying
> people not belonging to the dedicated group. Hence a voice of reason will
> only affect those not really part of the shared emotions.

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