Re: Animal Rights

From: John Marlow (
Date: Wed Apr 04 2001 - 23:43:29 MDT

Whatsa matter, can't the guy find enough methheads on the street? Why
use animals and risk bad data when all you have to do is put up a
sign: FREE METH: COME ON IN. Excellent opportunity for a tightly-
controlled study; as long as they stay, the get free meth. Run all
the tests you want. I say spare the kitties; they have redeeming


On 4 Apr 2001, at 19:05, Josh Martin wrote:

> It hasn't had much (if any) national news coverage yet, but OSU is
> experiencing an animal rights controversy. The only real coverage I could
> find was from our school newspaper, so please excuse the quality:
> The gist of it is that Dr. Michael Podell
> (, whom I have met,
> and attended a lecture by him, is doing research on the effect of
> methamphetamines and drug abuse. He is using cats for this research, and
> therefore has triggered a public relations nightmare with the animal rights
John Marlow

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