Re: "analog computer" = useless hypothesis?

Date: Wed Apr 04 2001 - 22:48:02 MDT

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<< And as explored in vivid detail by Greg Egan in _Permutation City_
 and _Diaspora_.
 Jim F. >>
Sorry Jim: for me, this must be a 'pearls before swine situation'. I have
read and re-read the book several times, and just have trouble connecting to
it. Perhaps SI's will one day give tests on it to see if a human is
downloadable? REMIT NOT PAUCITY. I remember some of the vignettes in the
work and rather liked those. A better book in my little opinion is Charles
Sheffield's Tomorrow and Tomorrow, which also dealt with anthropic ideas and
the ultimate future. Relying on either work of fiction as a guidepost seems
fraught with peril, as they are indeed works of fiction and are not subject
to any peer review, save that of other fiction writers.

What probably needs to be done is that Smolin needs to 'firm up' his
observations in a peer reviewed format. I am sure now that I have suggested
that, it will go to the tiptop of Smolin's to do lis <eyes rolling>.

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