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I like erotica sometimes, like when I was twelve. Being a young man in America
meant finding a means to exposing oneself to pictures of provocative naked women
as part of experimentation. This wan't particularly romantic, it was a learning
experience. It seems much easier using the Internet. There is a large industry
around "romance", for example, it is a vertical media industry. By the time I
was twelve, I felt that I had read enough to have a general idea of what was

The Romantic period, which was about 150 years ago, was a movement that was in
some regards about decadence and perhaps moreso about the extremities of sense.
I think some of the republished writers, that have been available to read, from
that time are good.

There is a decent movie called "True Romance" but it's not Chinese.

Look, drawings of naked humans:

J. R. Molloy wrote:

> Greg Burch wrote,
> > This long history of stasis stands as the
> > most important counter-example to the kind of self-sustaining social and
> > technical progress that lies at the heart of modern Western culture.
> So, first they went for the dynastic model, then they fell for Marxism. Could
> it be they have a genetic predilection to mass socio-genic illness?
> Stay hungry,
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