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> > "The Dream of the Red Chamber" from the late Ming period is, among
> > other things, a romance novel, and is recognized by many as the first
> > "novel" written in any culture.
> >
> > Greg Burch
> Ah, so! Thank you for retrieving that fact, Greg. Chinese written language
> is
> in glyphs or picto-grams, right?

Not really. Since sometime after 1000 BCE written Chinese has been mainly
*ideographic*, retaining remnants of its pictographic orgins only in the
simplest words (such as *ren* or "man", *shan* or "mountain", etc.). Modern
written Chinese is a complex blend of ideographic and phonetic elements,
further confusing things.

> Graphic representation, by means of
> pictures,
> is sometimes referred to as pornography in some cultures. Could this
> indicate
> that what passes for porno in some cultures is thought of as romance in
> others?

That may be a stretch, but when we consider what the Taliban think of as
"pornographic", who knows?

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