Re: UFO RaŽl and the definition privilege

From: Natasha Vita-More (
Date: Sat Mar 31 2001 - 16:35:48 MST

At 11:40 PM 3/31/01 +0200, Mikael Johansson wrote:

>Some friends and I bumped into the UFO RaŽl cult today, and discussed a bit
>with one of their representatives -- mainly because of their list of
>political opinions. The point is that most of you _WILL_ find this list
>rather familiar -- I recognized myself all to well in it: (snip)

I was approached two times recently. First by a journalist writing about
the Rael cult and seemed to think that they are transhumanists. The second
approach was by a Swedish journalist asking for references of transhumans
in Sweden.

Rather than blindly giving out names of extropians or other transhumanists,
as a practice I try to do some due diligence on the person/group contacting
me. This second contact, again, had a Raelina undertone.

>Can we afford that they are visible and we are not?<

We are visible, and becoming more visible yearly.

Raelians have recently received press because of their interests in
cloning, etc. Being a religious organization (a cult) makes them appear to
be more of an organization than a group of individuals who share
philosophical and ideological views.

By the way, if extropians are not visible in Sweden, then let's find out

>Can we afford that they are visible?<

We certainly can afford to be cautious. We can also afford to continue
responsibly discussing extropian/transhumanist ideas and providing reliable
information to the public. This is our best defense - actively providing
reasonable, reliable information.


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