Re: UFO RaŽl and the definition privilege

Date: Sat Mar 31 2001 - 15:32:21 MST

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<< We even found out that they have (according to their representant)
 advanced plans with the Brasilian government to build that embassy in
 This rather irrational UFO belief is practically what (for me) draws the
 line that places them as New Age Cultist and us as Rational Transhumanists.

Has it occurred to you that this group may have taken the ideas from
Transhmanists and Extropians, and presented them as their own?
<<Can we afford that they are visible and we are not?

Can we afford that they are visible?

// Mikael Johansson>>

These guys remind me of the Applegate Group who followed the comet out of
this life, its males, self-castrated.My guess is that Extro-5, with its
drawing of several great intellects, this year, out-classes anything this
group is doing.


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