Re: LUDD: Luddite Directory?

Date: Fri Mar 30 2001 - 14:27:09 MST

In a message dated 30/03/01 08:54:37 GMT Daylight Time,

<< What are the best sources of information on the anti-techies, neo-
 Luddites, and their ilk? Have several, but looking for more,
 including pro-Ludd sites/lists, and so on. Also of interest: subsaets
 of above which have an anti-nano or anti-transhuman slant. All
 pointers appreciated.

    Sorry jm I havent got any links, but then I find it a bit hypocritical
that true Luddites and anti techs would choose to voice their views on the
Net. Maybe you should be checking in your nearest woodland for one of thier
meetings :o)

    On a serious note I would also be interested to see what the opposition
have to say.


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