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From: Alejandro Carrasquilla (
Date: Wed Mar 28 2001 - 08:36:20 MST

"John Marlow" <> wrote:
Looking for very long-term graphs of human/proto-human technological
progress--ideally something beginning with Oldowan tools and running
to the present or beyond. Need a line graph which illustrates
increasing rate of progress.

Can anyone point me to such beasties? The more, the merrier.
Thanks for any help


Maybe this could help you, but not so much; it is the one I have in a hurry.
It is from "Le geste et le parole", by Andre Leroi-Gourhan.
I recommend reading his books, about human industries from Australantropos (4
MYA) to Homo Post Sapiens

Introduction à l'art pariétal paléolithique. L'empreinte de l'homme. Milan:
Jaca Book, 1984 (édition française).

Le geste et la parole: Technique et langage. Paris: Albin Michel; 1980.

Le geste et la parole: La mémoire et les rythmes. Paris: Albin Michel; 1981.

Les racines du monde. Paris: éditions Pierre Belfont; 1982.

L'homme et la matière. Paris: Albin Michel; 1971.

Milieu et techniques. Paris: Albin Michel; 1971.


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