Re: Emulation vs. Simulation

Date: Wed Mar 28 2001 - 04:46:59 MST

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<< The consequences of this are interesting -- it means you can never
 *assemble* a collection of atoms in a form that constitutes a
 lookup-table for a consciousness and then disassemble them
 without having committed 'murder'.
 Are your atoms, morally, not even yours?
 Robert >>
Moravec, assumes in Robot, that eventually, a general background singularity,
will absorb everything; or at least everything interesting, from alien
biomes, to Ex-humans in spaceships, to fascinating astrophysical phenomena,
to an Earth and its inhabitants, guarded by superintelligent defense systems,
they too, will be gathered in.

They will instantly, be re-created as part of a cyber realm, with all
details, including thoughts intact. The atoms that once comprised them, would
be utilized in ways that permit a larger, future, for these absorbed beings
and biomes. Sounds like a sales pitch from the Borg, doesn't it? But, this in
essence, is what Moravec sees when he looks down the road of computation and
robotics. "All yours atoms is mine!"


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