BEAUTY: Body vs. Brain, was: Re: ... featured on Discovery/TLC Tonight!

From: Michael Lorrey (
Date: Tue Mar 27 2001 - 06:15:08 MST

I apologize for other people being offended by my comment, which I had
thought was a rather innocuous one on why young people are more focused
and aware of the state of their physical bodies and not so much on the
state of their minds. You can hardly claim that young people are not
more driven by hormones than neurochemicals.

Emlyn wrote:
> Yeah Mike, bad boy. Besides, the thickness of your wallet is important, too.
> Shaun wrote:
> > Mike Lorrey wrote:
> >
> > >Of course. Being literate and poetic doesn't get you laid nearly as
> > >easily as a set of hard pecs / nice butt. One has to have priorities.
> >
> > Though I do not wish to come across like a policeman here,
> > [snipped Shaun coming across like a policeman]

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