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Date: Tue Mar 27 2001 - 00:45:53 MST

From: "Jim Fehlinger" <>
> Not quite. Tolkien said that about the Northern tradition --
> the scraps left over of the Norse Eddas and Sagas, Beowulf,
> and so on, which were objects of his professional study. Shippey
> then said that Tolkien's own fiction reflected those same values.
> And yes, I do find it very moving.

OK, thanks for clearing that up.
(It moves me too... but in the wrong direction.)

> Well, I don't know if I'd dare call myself "highly intelligent"
> in **this** company, and I probably shouldn't admit this in a public
> forum, but one fine evening almost 20 years ago I washed down a little
> over six grams of phenobarbital with a can of Coke. It **almost**
> worked. I don't **think** that had anything to do with my fondness
> for Tolkien (or Stapledon, or Arthur C. Clarke), though.

I never actually did anything, but who hasn't thought about it...


Stay hungry,

--J. R.

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