Re: LUDD: "The left is to blame for scaremongering"

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Date: Mon Mar 26 2001 - 15:49:03 MST

It's hard to keep up with the score as socialist (or "The left" as James
Watson, discoverer of DNA's double helix, calls it) thinkers insinuate their
ideas into as much of the world's creeds as possible. The people I know that
I'd call religious are Lutherans and Jews, and a few Baptists down the hill in
Redding. Socialism seems to be a subset of their religion. When I complained
about the two million people in the US prison system, my neighbor, Bernie
Rosen, told me that he'd like to put more criminals in jail, the way people
act is disgraceful, etc.

"I say it was the left: they were against Nixon, they were against Dow
chemicals, they were against napalm, they were against pollution. So DNA
was going to be another polluter. E coli was going to give women in the
biology building cystitis."

Don't misunderstand. Extropians know that recovering Leftists can serve
extropic ends. But I agree with James Watson that "The left" opposes hi-tech
because it conflicts with anti-capitalist ideology, despite limousine
liberal's use of capital in the fight against hi-tech infidels.


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--J. R.

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> That's interesting. All but one of the religious people I know are far-right
> conservatives, and are very anti- any tech that seems to conflict with their
> religious beliefs and/or won't put money in their own pockets (this often
> over-rides the religious concerns). Most of the liberals I know are
> agnostic/atheist and capitalist, with varying attitudes on various tech
> issues. I haven't met a liberal in years that would honestly call him- or
> herself a socialist (except maybe sarcastically), and Marx is pretty tired
> stuff, especially for those of us who went through college in the 70s or
> 80s. Yawn. I guess it all depends on who you know and where you live . . .
> Neal

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