Re: Emulation vs. Simulation

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Date: Mon Mar 26 2001 - 15:29:05 MST

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Subject: Re: Emulation vs. Simulation

> Robert J. Bradbury <> Wrote:
> > I would maintain that I can construct a zombie that had
> > no 'feelings' regarding a fear of being hit by a car
> > while crossing the street but still *behaved* as if it had
> > a fear of hitting a car while crossing the street.
> Well perhaps you can, but how would I ever know you can,
> how would I ever know it had no feelings? One more question,
> do you think making an intelligent zombie would be easier than
> making an intelligent conscious being, if so why did nature never
> make one? Then again, maybe nature did, maybe nature only
> succeeded in the more difficult task of making a conscious
> creature one time. Me.
> Maybe, but I doubt it.

Perhaps you are one too, John? Perhaps you only have a simulation of
consciousness, as do the rest of us, rather than the "real thing"? How would
you tell the difference? Introspection, using the lookup table?

> By the way, some have expressed the idea that an intelligence that
> uses lookup tables could not be conscious. I have no idea why.
> I guess that's not in John Clark's lookup table.

It might have a little trouble learning, using a great enormous lookup
table. But I bet there are little ones all through our brains.


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