Re: Natasha Vita-More featured on Discovery/TLC Tonight!

From: E. Shaun Russell (
Date: Mon Mar 26 2001 - 13:39:30 MST

Mike Lorrey wrote:

>Of course. Being literate and poetic doesn't get you laid nearly as
>easily as a set of hard pecs / nice butt. One has to have priorities.

Though I do not wish to come across like a policeman here, I do feel that
the above sentences are juvenile, irrelevant and inappropriate on this list.
I realize that worse breaches have been made on this list in the past, but
you should know better than to write empty frat-house responses like the
above, Mike. I don't think that there is any justification whatsoever for
this kind of material on a list that is geared towards progressive
transhumanist discussion. Please refrain from such responses in the future.


                                                        -E. Shaun Russell

E. Shaun Russell Operations Officer, Extropy Institute
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