Re: LUDD: "The left is to blame for scaremongering"

From: Michael Lorrey (
Date: Mon Mar 26 2001 - 11:30:27 MST

Neal Blaikie wrote:
> Thanks, Harvey. We can always rely on you to be the voice of reason. I couldn't
> have said it better myself!
> Neal
> Harvey Newstrom wrote:
> > Why do we keep trying to pin "the blame" on the "left" or the "right"?
> > Sure, left-wing liberals use environmental fears to fight new technology,
> > but right-wing conservatives use religious fears to fight new technology. I
> > really don't see either side being more or less favorable to future
> > technology than the other. Both sides threaten all future change, as they
> > both want only their agendas addressed and no others.

I don't see right wing libertarians being against new technology
whatsoever. Luddism reflects a fundamentalist worldview at its core, no
matter how it is manifested and spliced into one's other dogma. Marxists
can be as fundamentalist as Shiites, Baptists, Feminists, etc. in
demanding a respect for a pure representation of some past dogma. Harvey
and Neal are right to say that the left is not alone in its Luddism,
however to date they have been better organized, funded, and extremist
in taking action for their cause, much along the lines of the
anti-abortion radical christians of the early 90's. While radical
christians have been generally discredited in claiming to be christians
and terrorists simultaneously, thus limiting their support, radical
leftists have no such dogmatic qualms against taking extreme action, and
thus the work of Ted Kazinski has continued to inspire and excite those
on the left interested in bringing down capitalism and industrial
technology to establish a primitivist state.

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