Re: Economic (ignorance) Nativism and me

Date: Mon Mar 26 2001 - 10:20:57 MST

In a message dated 3/26/2001 11:42:51 AM Eastern Standard Time, writes:

<< I don't see you as such. As I stated the companies are seeking to
 maximize their bottom lines, I suggest you do whatever is in
 accordance with your values to maximize yours. >>
There's the rub, Brian. What is in my interest may not be in the long-term
interest of my countrymen, or myself. My short-term interest would be to have
IT Guilds, which would effectively, choke out competition, and drive
inflation in a demand-push style. My own little mafia. I also note that the
importers of foreign IT folk are never subject to 'foreign' management
teams, competing with them, on their own soil. That ultimately, might be the
most satisfying, for me. Sauce for the goose, sauce for the gander. Ah well,
consider it demented musings.

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