Re: Economic (ignorance) Nativism and me

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Date: Mon Mar 26 2001 - 02:45:26 MST

Well, that's the theory... in practice, the wounds will start to close up,
when suddenly they'll start oscillating wildy, blood spurting from the
stump. Your head will open it's eyes, look at the bleeding stump, and swear.
"Never could get that f*cking clottocyte driver properly debugged". Then
your eyes will roll back into your head, and the body will attempt to stand,
eventually toppling due to lack of blood, and the head will be heard
mumbling "bugger, maybe I shudda loaded DX into BX, instead of AX, on line

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> I commented on how us old school assembly language literate
> people will someday again be valuable.
> Good 'ole wrote:
> > I knew there was a conspiracy! J' Accuse J' Accuse!!
> Just remember that when you cut the head off my nanobot
> enhanced body, things may not turn out as you hoped.
> The clottocytes will immediately close the wounds and
> the respirocytes will kick in to supply oxygen. You
> will hold up my head, and I'll open me eyes and
> shout to the crowd "Eee'm not dead yet". You'll
> turn to look at me and say "Of course you are,
> I've cut yur bloddy head off". To which I will
> respond "So what? Its only a bluddy flesh wound".
> Come over 'ere and I'll bite yur bluddy leg off.
> While I'm distracting you, my previously lifeless
> body with remote nanocontrol agents will rise up,
> seize my head from your possession, reposition it
> back where it properly belongs and thence proceed
> to hack your body into little bits, irradiate
> those bits to sterilize the nanotech an feed the
> resulting biorecyclable material to the dogs...
> So, before you haul me before the court, you have to
> ask yourself -- "are you feeling lucky?"
> Well -- R ya?
> R.

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