Re: EXTRO-5: Rates go up April 1st

From: Fred C. Moulton (
Date: Mon Mar 26 2001 - 01:59:33 MST

I have not done any research on room rates and availability however I do
have the following comments.

1. Hotels here tend to be full and and that is why rates are high so
make your reservations ASAP. Yes there are a few of the real cheap
chains like Motel 6 and others in the area but it would be very risky to
hope to fly in and try to get one on the fly. Could it happen? Maybe;
but don't bet on it.

2. If you drive a car to the conference site expect to pay parking

3. If you are looking for a different hotel try one of the lesser known
facilities on North First Street. The Light Rail runs along First
street and has a stop about 1/2 block from where the conference is being
held. If you choose to try another hotel ask how far to the Light Rail
stop or be prepared to pay cab fare.

4. There is a Crowne Plaza close by that might be a little cheaper I am
not sure.

5. San Jose is spread out and several chains have more than one
facility in or near San Jose so be sure to check the address and a map
to make sure you will be where you want to be.

6. Check the San Jose Visitors Bureau site and
click on the link for accommodations. There are also several other San
Jose websites with hotel info, use the web.

7. The San Jose Airport is busy. If you are flying in on Friday
evening be advised that it sometimes gets very hectic with individuals
returning from business trips. Plan accordingly.

8. To orient yourself in downtown San Jose learn where the following
streets and highways are:
Interstate 280, Guadalupe Parkway, Santa Clara Street, San Carlos
Street, First Street, Market Street, Almaden Boulevard and the following
locations: Convention Center, Tech Museum of Inovation, Fairmont Hotel
and San Jose State University. San Jose State University is a few
blocks away so if you wander around very much you should know how to get
back to the conference site from the campus. Looking from The San Jose
Convention Center toward the Tech Museum will help orient you on the
downtown version of looking "North". Standing in front of the San Jose
Convention Center and looking down San Carlos street towards SJSU gives
you a rough idea of the downtown version of looking "East". Thus First
Street runs north-south and San Carlos runs east-west. The Fairmont
Hotel one of the easier buildings to recognize.

I hope to see many of you at Extro 5.

"E. Shaun Russell" wrote:
> Additionally, I have been receiving requests for information about cheaper
> hotel rates in the San Jose area. Though I don't know indefinitely, I have
> been informed that cheaper rates than $120 per night are far and few
> between. Spike or some of the other Bay Area extropians may be able to fill
> us in more on that. To conserve costs, there is always the option of room

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