SOC/BIO: A Taste of Anti-Genengineering Activism

Date: Sun Mar 25 2001 - 16:15:07 MST

[This from one of the anti-tech groups I monitor.]

DownSouth Resistance Against Genetic Engineering

hi there- are you interested in subscribing to a new
listserve for folks interested in networking in the
southeast around genetic engineering and biotech? RAGE
is a direct action-focused network around the country.
for links to other RAGE groups check out the BAN web

Right now we are organizing as RAGE in Asheville, and other local groups in
the region are welcome to start up and start communicating through this new
list. Individuals who are interested in the issue but are involved with other
groups are welcome too.

to join southrage, write an email to and let us know where you are and
if you are working with a group. you can also subscribe directly at:

Our first Asheville meeting will be Thursday March 29. All are welcome.
organic potluck starts at 6pm, meeting starts at 7pm. It's at 19 Albemarle
Road (off Baird, off charlotte - 2 blks north of city bakery).
for more info, call 828-296-1335.

A RAGE meeting took place at the regional Earth First! gathering in east
Tennessee. Plans for a SPRING ACTION are underway. Get in touch if it sounds
interesting! Southrage folks will be at the Y-12 protest in Knoxville (April
8) if you want to talk in person, as well as the Atlanta FTAA solidarity
action on April 21.

We're also looking to travel around the region and speak with activists,
students, farmers, mobilize for the spring action, and to get this
issue out in the public eye in the southeast. Please get in touch if you can
help bring us to your town.

Please forward this notice to regional activist lists
and anybody you think may be interested.

Long live the seed!!


RAGE! (Resistance Against Genetic Engineering)

Bioengineering Action Network (BAN)

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