Re: Economic (ignorance) Nativism and me

Date: Sun Mar 25 2001 - 10:00:36 MST

In a message dated 3/25/2001 1:08:20 AM Eastern Standard Time, writes:

<< Because the functioning of the legal systems is completely different!
 You don't employ a Russian lawyer to navigate the U.S. legal
 system and you don't employ an U.S. lawyer to navigate the
 Russian legal system. They are two entirely different species
 and while the "background training" is similar the realities
 of working in them are like night and day. >>

I was supposing a training system law school (this is pure imagination!) that
was geared for defending American clients in American courts :-) So our
Russian or Bulgarian friend would speak great English, and have a mind
sharper then a razor, be fully familiar with USA jurist prudence etc. Anyway,
I trust your spreadsheet, Robert, over my nativist moaning's. Time will tell.


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