Re: Economic (ignorance) Nativism and me

From: Robert J. Bradbury (
Date: Sun Mar 25 2001 - 07:20:54 MST

On Sun, 25 Mar 2001, Samantha Atkins wrote:

> Obviously you haven't worked in some of these large established
> companies.

Yes, I generally leave them when they turn into bureaucratic nightmares. :-)
You may be correct that the large companies are not happy with the
quality of the resumes they are receiving. However it depends a
lot on what stage of growth they are in. Oracle for example, years
ago, would take significant fractions of the C.S. graduates from MIT
every year. Now they are laying people off. [Corporate environments
change significantly when growth rates decrease from 100%/yr to
more realistic rates like 10%/yr.]

> Oracle and Microsoft on one side and fluf-headed dot-com
> bubble-babies on the other heh? What a false dichotomy!

Well, people do tend to use illustrations that make the point of their
arguments... :-)

> That isn't it. There is tremendous exploitation of people working here
> that do not have citizenship who wish to have it. [snip]

Samantha, your expertise in this area [employing non-citizens in
the U.S.] seems greater than mine and I will defer my comments to

> Funny then that my company cannot find a handful of good people in the
> midst of this supposed plenty.

Perhaps this is a regional situation? The overabundance I was refering
to was based on an article largely discussing S.F. and Seattle. Of
course if you are in those areas and having this problem then I'm
a bit baffled. Perhaps your firm isn't viewed as 'cool' enough
by all the young people being recycled by the dot-com hiccup.

> You are mistaken. The shortage was present before the dot-coms and has
> not disappeared when the dot-coms went away or when firms started laying
> off staff.

I'd agree that your statements are consistent with what the article said
that highly skilled people are still in high demand. However you generally
cannot fil those positions with foreign citizens because they are unlikely
to have the required experience.


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