Re: Economic (ignorance) Nativism and me

Date: Sat Mar 24 2001 - 20:28:33 MST

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<< Mitch, knowing Larry to the degree that I do, I very much doubt he
 would cooperate with Bill on anything (even something that is
 to their mutual advantage). I would strongly urge you to
 investigate the background sources on your comments. >>

The source was, as I remember, the news in June 2000, from AP News service,
talking-up the new exciting study that we will be needing droves of new IT
workers over the next 5 years. It claimed that there would be a tremendous
short-fall of workers. The article, as I recall, also noted that the study
recommeded that an increase in foreign workers be implemented to overcome
this death. I will attempt, tomorrow to come up with sources, date of
publication, and the like to buress my concern.

<<To make a case that MSFT or ORACLE are behind this, you have
to make a case that it is more to their advantage to move
offshore workers to the U.S. where the salaries would be higher.


Certainly, the promotion of an industries best interest is not illegal and is
not a RICO-class conspiracy, by my understanding. But it would serve the
short-term interest of companies to plump-up the Quarter and Annual reports,
to the pleasure, of the share holders. That is, until the American-born
schmucks, start experiencing a decline in their standard of living. That
effect, if it were to occur, is something that I am concerned about.

No, I have not proven this contention. It seems that what I know of the
salaries made by the folks brought in to work at my company, I have heard
that they are making much less then the American Citizen proggies. In a
court, this would just be hearsay. I believe there would have to be an
investigation (or economic analysis) to analyze whether this rumor has a
valid basis behind it. So is there currently a deep shortfall in IT workers?
I dunno. Is this report that I quote merely a means of shortchanging USA
workers? I dunno. I will try to find out.


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