Re: Do you ever run after your EPT?

From: J. R. Molloy (
Date: Sat Mar 24 2001 - 02:43:57 MST

From: "Jim Fehlinger" <>
> Eurisko! Er, I mean Eureka!
> > "J. R. Molloy"
> must be the simulation on this list!
> Quick, get Mulder and Scully on
> the case!

"If it weren't for the last minute, nothing would ever get done."
--Ken Yanthropus-Platyops' sister, Barbie

"Eurisko the leading Application Service Provider helps
organizations achieve their goals on the Internet"
--Mulder N. Scully

"You can emulate a simulation, and maybe you can simulate an emulation.
Attain nirvana, and suddenly all simulations and emulations disappear."
--Alligator Grundy >poof<

"Virtually everything which you have just said is false, and I am not
to dignify your impudence and ignorance with further comment, lest I do
damage to someone so misguided."
--Hieronymous Anonymous, former Grand Poobah of Netiquette, R.I.P.

"The web knows. It knows everything. The web is god."

"And thou shouldst know that all have delight in proportion as their
vision penetrates into the Truth."
--Dante, Canto XXVIII

"To the extent that we resort to the use of words, we relinquish direct
experience of the infinite and eternal reality that abides beyond words.
Accordingly, words do their best when they awaken us to the ineffable
adventure throbbing all around us."
--M. T. Ness

"May we all live in eternity's sunrise,
on the seashore of endless worlds."

May we never need to run after our EPT (Extropic Phase TransitionT).

--J. R.

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  I am all in favor of a dialogue between science and religion, but
  not a constructive dialogue. One of the great achievements of
  science has been, if not to make it impossible for intelligent
  people to be religious, then at least to make it possible for them
  not to be religious. We should not retreat from this

  -- Peroration of a talk by Steven Weinberg at an AAAS conference
  on anthropics, reprinted in the _New York Review_

"[Y]ou can't really enjoy the view from the top of the 'All your base are
belong to us' mountain unless you've climbed it, sweating a little,
feeling your muscles work. But once you're there, and the unseen world is
spread out in light and shadows, the reward is delight and wonderment."
--Damien Broderick

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