Qualia (Was Re: Re: Emulation vs. Simulation)

From: Joe Dees (joedees@addall.com)
Date: Fri Mar 23 2001 - 18:49:37 MST

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>From: Brent Allsop <allsop@fc.hp.com>
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>Subject: Qualia (Was Re: Re: Emulation vs. Simulation)
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>Lee Corbin <lcorbin@ricochet.net> responded:
>> I have studied it at length, and I think that there are some very
>> valid points there, but I don't think that we mean the same thing by
>> "consciousness", and I know that we don't mean the same thing by
>> "zombie".
> I'm also fascinated with this topic and I'd love to have you
>review my "Qualia theory of Consciousness" paper located here:
> HTML version: <URL: http://www.frii.com/~allsop/qualia.htm>
> MS Word version: <URL: http://www.frii.com/~allsop/qualia.doc>
>> I would heartily recommend that you read parts of Daniel Dennett's
>> "Consciousness Explained",
> My paper's theory (of course it could be a mistaken theory) is
>that eliminative materialists, like Dennett are completely wrong.
>Dennett basically says in that book: we don't have qualia "It just
>seems like we do". But of course, according to a representational
>qualia theory, such a statement is absurd and self contradictory. A
>"seeming", according to this theory, is simply a conscious
>representation of knowledge that incorrectly represents it's referent.
>But how can you have conscious knowledge (conscious knowledge is, by
>definition, constructed of qualia) that is incorrect? If he says such
>a thing, he should at least make an attempt to give some model of what
>such an incorrect "seeming" is and how our knowledge, whatever he
>thinks it is, (his "multiple drafts" blather certainly doesn't seem to
>capture it in any way I can comprehend) can be mistaken about such a
Jerry A. Fodor chastises Dennett on precisely this point (among others, including mental representation).
> Anyway, I go over this and much more in my paper. I'd love to
>get your feedback on this if you have a chance.
> Thanks
> Brent Allsop

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