Re: Qualia (Was Re: Re: Emulation vs. Simulation)

Date: Fri Mar 23 2001 - 18:19:44 MST

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<< My paper's theory (of course it could be a mistaken theory) is
 that eliminative materialists, like Dennett are completely wrong.
 Dennett basically says in that book: we don't have qualia "It just
 seems like we do". >>
Yah! I had problems with his concept, in the sense that it seemed to beat a
dead horse. If the Zombie Observer is forced by pain or other stimulation to
believe that he or she is not a zombie, but undergoing real experiences,
what's the point? If I tie Professor Dennett to a telephone pole and whack
the zombie, known as Daniel Dennett, between the legs with a pickax, both and
Dennett myself, will undergo vastly, unpleasant experiences-the zombie
Dennet, first.

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