Re: >H FYI: Internet Infidels discussion on Transhumanism

From: John Thomas (
Date: Fri Mar 23 2001 - 17:56:34 MST

At 12:23 AM +0000 3/24/01, J Corbally wrote:
>Transhuman Mailing List
>There is currently a discussion on the Secular Web about us good folks. If
>anyone's interested, here's the URL;
>Not sure how long it'll remain busy, but the sympathetic people seem to
>outweigh the naysayers. BTW, I'm posting under the name "SecTrans".

   You're doing a good job, too. Perhaps what's most remarkable is how
many of the posters seem to be well-informed about the basic transhumanist
issues. Nobody *I* talk to on a casual basis seem to have the slightest
understanding of how much of the necessary technology is already in place.
By the way, Kurzweil's discussion of the exponential curve of technological
progress at
contains the best rejoinder to those who argue that the major transhumanist
goals aren't feasible. It's just that I can't get any of the nay-sayers to
actually read it ;-)

     John Thomas

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