Re: "Mad Cow" Animal seizures in Vermont

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Date: Fri Mar 23 2001 - 11:46:28 MST

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>> Spike Jones asked:
>> Whatever happened to Galileo the cloned bull? The Italian
>>government seized him from Cesare Galli. Then what happened? I
>>couldnt find any recent reference to that story on the web.

>Galileo, the cloned bull, at last was set free (march 2000) by a
>judge, after his restraint (september 1999). I do not know whether
>Galileo now lives at Porcellasco (Cremona) or near Florence (San
>Miniato Labs.). Our former Minister (of Health) Rosy Bindi and the
>greens suffered a defeat.
>- s.

I nominate Galileo (the bull) as Extropian mascot....


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