Re: "Mad Cow" Animal Seizures in Vermont (sort of)

From: John Marlow (
Date: Thu Mar 22 2001 - 21:28:45 MST

Guess they've never heard of a preliminary injunction, contempt of
court, trespassing, grand theft, "rustling," cruelty to animals,
civil damages, etc. More likely they don't give a damn.


On 22 Mar 2001, at 14:23, Michael Lorrey wrote:

> It is. They've had the sheep in quarrantine for months now, and the
> owners have an appeal date coming up in a month. The USFDA was
> apparently so worried about the validity of its case that it intends to
> destroy the sheep before the court date to present a fait accompli.
> John Marlow wrote:
> >
> > Sounds rather Machiavellian--but not out of the question, certainly.
> > Damned stupid way for them to go about it, though.
> >

John Marlow

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