Re: SPACE: ExtroLaunchSim

From: Michael Lorrey (
Date: Thu Mar 22 2001 - 07:14:29 MST

Everyone is welcome, I just added names that came to mind and which were
present in my address book.....

Spike Jones wrote:
> Michael Lorrey wrote:
> > The site:
> >
> >
> > Okay, I've set it all up, loaded what I've done to Spike's spreadsheet
> > so far as a pre-alpha release for people to futz with. Go to the site,
> > join as a developer, and start contributing. I've already subbed Spike,
> > James Rogers, Greg Burch, and Doug Jones to the xlsim mail list I set
> > up, since they are likely conspirators (if you don't wanna belong, just
> > lemme know and I'll unsub you).
> >
> > Mike (retroman)
> What about Gene? We need an open source guru to help
> us when its time to port over whatever we derive. Shall we
> use microsloth excel as a development tool with the long
> range goal of creating an open source free for anyone sim
> tool? What about Adrian Tymes? There are other
> valuable contributors as well.
> This is an exercise that is as much about spontaneous
> creation of a software tool as it is about space exploration.
> The mersenne prime search is an example of a software
> tool created entirely by a group of volunteers, with no
> money changing hands, being run by a few thousand
> CPU cycle contributors. That project is succeeding
> beyond the wildest imagination of its creators. spike

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