Re: Plasma engine calculator

Date: Thu Mar 22 2001 - 05:45:59 MST

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<< The `hydrino' cold fusion guys, eh?
 This is even funnier than the ion engine to orbit from ground.
 Why not just use a Shipstone? (Heinlein, FRIDAY.)
 Or some of that white gold powder.
 I hope I'm missing the point horribly. (Or getting it, with a suitable
 friendly smirk.)
 Damien Broderick >>
The sad thing is people are susceptible to these crackpot concepts, in large
part, because the expected technologies of the last few decades never
panned-out. How many thermo-nuclear fusion reactors are powering cities?
Zero. And the funny thing is, it might take one of Yudkovsky's Super
Intelligences to finally develop a working model, if the aren't busy doing
other things.

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