Re: SPACE/NEWS: Mars Polar Lander may be found (intact!)

From: Robert J. Bradbury (
Date: Wed Mar 21 2001 - 22:25:54 MST


You really gotta get up-to-speed on this. After all, isn't
your employer involved in these projects!?!.

The Mars Global Surveyor is orbiting Mars *now* and is taking
*light*-frequency "pictures" which NASA is then handing over
to the "Spys-R-Us" folks because they are the only people
around with the expertise in doing clever stuff that give you
pixel or sub-pixel resolution.

I'm not sure if there is a radar surveyor orbiting Mars
currently (whether this is a feature of the Surveyor, someone
needs to investigate). The last significant radar satellite
that was launched was to survey Venus because you *couldn't*
see the ground from space.


On Wed, 21 Mar 2001, Spike Jones wrote:

> "Michael M. Butler" wrote:
> > Spike, they're not talking about using Earthbased sensors.
> > They're talking about doing "down in the grass" extraction
> > of orbiter image data.
> Oh. Why did they put that bit in there about a secret
> surveillance agency? Are we spying on the Martians
> now? Were they talking about the Mars mapper, which
> uses radar? And if so, how do they figure that long
> wavelength would be adequate to determine if the
> craft is on its feet? {8-] spike

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