ExtroLaunchSim: SourceForge Project Approved]

From: Michael Lorrey (mlorrey@datamann.com)
Date: Wed Mar 21 2001 - 12:39:41 MST

As follows:

noreply@sourceforge.net wrote:
> Your project registration for SourceForge has been approved.
> Project Full Name: ExtroLaunchSim
> Project Unix Name: xlsim
> CVS Server: cvs.xlsim.sourceforge.net
> Shell/Web Server: xlsim.sourceforge.net
> Your DNS will take up to a day to become active on our site.
> While waiting for your DNS to resolve, you may try shelling into
> shell.sourceforge.net and pointing CVS to cvs.sourceforge.net.
> If after 6 hours your shell/CVS accounts still do not work, please
> open a support ticket so that we may take a look at the problem.
> Please note that all shell/CVS accounts are closed to telnet and only
> work with SSH1.
> Your web site is accessible through your shell account. Please read
> site documentation (see link below) about intended usage, available
> services, and directory layout of the account.
> Please take some time to read the site documentation about project
> administration (http://sourceforge.net/docs/site/). If you visit your
> own project page in SourceForge while logged in, you will find
> additional menu functions to your left labeled 'Project Admin'.
> We highly suggest that you now visit SourceForge and create a public
> description for your project. This can be done by visiting your project
> page while logged in, and selecting 'Project Admin' from the menus
> on the left (or by visiting https://sourceforge.net/project/admin/?group_id=23326
> after login).
> Your project will also not appear in the Trove Software Map (primary
> list of projects hosted on SourceForge which offers great flexibility in
> browsing and search) until you categorize it in the project administration
> screens. So that people can find your project, you should do this now.
> Visit your project while logged in, and select 'Project Admin' from the
> menus on the left.
> Enjoy the system, and please tell others about SourceForge. Let us know
> if there is anything we can do to help you.
> -- the SourceForge crew

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