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Date: Wed Mar 21 2001 - 04:53:00 MST

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> Greg, we can't really move the thing. Recall that it would take more
> than half the delta vee to move the existing hardware from the
> commie 51 degrees down to zero inclination as it took to lift
> the whole mess up there to start with. We would need to supply
> nearly 5000 m/sec to alllll thaaaat stuuuuuff thats already at 51
> degees. Inclination changes are a huge propellant devourer.
> Like it or not, 51 degrees is where it stays. {8-[

This doesn't FEEL right, but you da man (and I'm not) when it comes to
celestial mechanics. How hard would it be to do the calcs to determine the
TIME involved to move the inclination from the Cold War Inclination to 0
degrees with a reasonably potent ion propulsion system?

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