merrrry amaramas

From: Jones, Spike (
Date: Tue Mar 20 2001 - 11:37:55 MST

With her permission I wish you all merry Amaramas. Her
birthday is 28 March, and it is one of those birthdays which
is one of this life's milestones.

She is temporarily off the extropians
list in order to finish her phd thesis, so if you
wish to send her Amaramas greetings, you would
need to do so at
If the birthday greetings were to all come on the 28th it
might be even better, and if anyone wished to
send her some ziplok bags her work address is

amara graps
max-planck-institute fur kernphysic
saupfercheckweg 1
69117 heidelberg germany

In these difficult times with the studies, I am
confident she would be greatly cheered by hearing
from friends and acquaintances from all over. {8-] spike

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