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Date: Tue Mar 20 2001 - 08:00:03 MST

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>Subject: The Road To Serfdom mp3
>An amazing find. Ive been listeing to a series called Words At War on my
>riovolt today , its an amzing series done during WWII in which the great
>journalists and books of the day were broadcast on the air with a dramatic
>One episode strikes what we have been talking about on fork off and on
>for a while. Its FA Hayeck doing a send up of his own book Road to
>Serfdom. Lots of FA doing the do against socialism and taking from
>each etc etc to a crowd of joe sixpacks.
>It was first broadcast 5/15/45
>Sure its a creature of its time, but all and still it speaks to some of
>the things we have been hitting on. If nothing else its an interesting
>episode of an interesting show.
>I have opened a yahoogroup for files, mp3 and the like that I might talk
>about on Fork so folks can see and hear for themselves. Its an open group
>so you shoudnt need to register.
>You can get to it at
>Give it a listen.
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