Re: Natasha on TLC

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Mon Mar 19 2001 - 21:39:21 MST

"" wrote:

> Hi Spike and Brian, thanks for viewing the program and your comments. I simply don't know which televised documentary it was! I do know a documentary aired in Europe this month regarding "The Science of Beauty" by BBC which I was featured in. Do you recall the name of the program on TLC?

Now *THATS* modesty. She's on TV being admired by jillions
and isnt even aware of it. {8^D Natasha, Im deeply honored to
be on the same list with you.

It was in fact The Science of Beauty. You and Geoffrey Miller
were definitely the stars. Miller, you may recall, recently published
"The Mating Mind" which was extremely insightful and cluey from
the point of view of an evolution non-specialist. Your calm, level-
headed presentation of the possibilities of life extention, health and
beauty enhancement were juuuust right. spike

PS, your segment at the end counteracted that goofy segment
where some yahoo was trying to have herself transformed into
the image of Nephertiti. {8^D

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